The high truck performance of Japan is world bending fingers. However, the legal factor is added, and use restrictions of the vehicle which passed more than ten years are spread for high safety standards in the country in the first year by registration. As a result, I scrap it, and there is a lot of situation parting with out of necessity.
But I can anticipate more demand if even such a truck pays more attention to the foreign countries. Because performance does not have a problem at all, the cause of overseas safety standards accomplishes 20 years and the role more for ten years and continues running and contributes to the development of the country originally.
Please let me help the better life space improvement to all parts of the world including the material transportation to the steep mountains area undeveloped still more and the infrastructure maintenance to the much very large undeveloped area while being able to have you sound a Japanese superior truck with one of the windows to export abroad in us.
The truck of the Japanese maker is proud of great popularity in foreign countries particularly Asia and may buy it for for export to those countries. There is the method that even the body which did not work anymore disintegrates and exports parts abroad.