Like ages ago, my friend bought Vanette Van, which is made in Japanese company called Toyota and targeted to business purpose. She purchased it to stuff flowers (her hobby is gardening) and drove 100 thousands of miles with it. Since the road on the village she’s been living in is not concretised, her Vanette Van is getting dirty obviiously. But still now, it does work fine, or even great. I am not sure if this is comparative, but I used to own Mercedes Benz truck 10 years ago for business purpose. I probably had used it for 2 or 3 years, and its engine started to make some weird noise and stopped working afterwards. By contrast, I rode her 15-year-old Vanette Van one day, and it functioned more comfortably than my mid-aged truck did.
  She said that not only Vanette Van, but Japanese truck, like Canter, Fighter, and Toyoace, and minibus have also very good reviews from her friends.
  I heard that there are tons of websites offering Japanese used cars on sale, so I probably should check it out.